Friday, December 29, 2006

Camping Indoors

The boys camping out and eating marshmallows in their bedroom!

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Ok I am back and I have a few more pics for my homeschooling friends who are interested in our work centers. Here you can see the kids computer area. The computer area is in the same room as this reading area. Yes those are rain gutters on our walls!

Over here on the left we have another Science center. This one is at the end of our hallway down by the boy's room. This is where they keep their treasures! There are fossils, shark teeth, shells, pebbles, lava rocks, shale pieces, plants, bones and soooooo much more! Then we come to the kid's Lego Center! This shelf is in their bedroom and consists of too many tubs filled with too many Lego building bricks! But at least it stays in their room!

On our back deck is the sensory table! It is on wheels so I can bring it inside if I want. This has been one of the best investments for our homeschool! Well thats about all for now. I really need to go clean up from the holidays. Talk to everyone soon!

And we're off...

Hello all! I am trying out a new blog site - checking to see if it just happens to be easier than my old one. I have been chatting with some online homeschooling friends and everyone has decided to post some photos of the learning areas in our homes onto our blogs. So lets see if we can do this...
Ok this first photo is of 1/2 the shelf we keep art supplies in. You can also see Levi's workboxes on top of the shelf. (labeled with the dinosaurs)

This next photo is the other 1/2 of the art shelf. You can see Maverick's workboxes on the top. The workboxes are where I place projects, assignments, suggestions etc for the kids to work on. This art shelf is on our dining room - we use the dining room table if we need a table for painting for working on something. Many times we are just as happy on the floor somewhere though!

The picture on the left is one of our science areas in our home. There is one large tank for fish - a smaller one that houses two Bettas and 2 hermit crab habitats as well. You can also see a few of the books and guides the kids have been reading lately and buckets of shells from our trip to Florida. In the drawers is where we keep everyone's food! The red shelves below are where all my homeschooling, parenting, and any other resource books belong. There is room for all kinds of resources - which includes books, puzzles, games, movies, cd's and more! The areas I have labeled are: Science and Nature, History, Geography, Language, Workbooks, Math, Travel, Holidays, Religious, Art - and thats all I can recall right now! It doesn't look all that organized - but I can find almost anything I need - so it works for us!