Thursday, August 23, 2007

Its Final!

After a long 5 month struggle - we are now the owners of a new home!! Yippee! Here are a few pics that we have - not thatyou can see much - but at least you can see SOMETHING!

Here is a shot of the front from the gravel drive way coming onto the property.

The back porch
Bunny Cottage!

View from one of the sides

From the woods
Thats all I have for now - when we get in there and halfway settled I will take more photos!

Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Dallas Morning News Article

A couple years ago I was asked to write something about my special needs son for the Dallas Morning News. I came across the poem I wrote today - along with a photo. I thought I would put it on here to share!

You asked me what the world should know about my child.
You asked me what he is to me.
You asked why he is special.
You asked me who he is.

I have one thought - one single notion

He is charmed.

My son is real magic.
His force is wild.
His effect is delightful.
His spirit is loud and it is bright.
He is filled with captivating wizardry.
And this -
can make you laugh from the bottom of your belly.

Look at my child.
Let him cast his spell.
His are eyes filled with alluring power.
One wave if his magic wand and you are entranced.

You just have to look to see the enchantment.
You just have to glance to see the laughter.
You just have to peek to see the tricks up his sleeve.
You just have to gaze to see the stars shine.
You just have to watch -
and you are bewitched.

Unless you come close -
You cannot know his magic.
You cannot experience his enchantment.
You cannot laugh at his tricks.
You cannot see his stars.
You cannot feel the sprinkle of faerie dust.

The world should look a little closer - a little deeper.
This is no illusion.
This is real magic.

This is Maverick.

Thursday, August 2, 2007

Zac, Mav, & Levi


Diggin' for treasures...