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Meet Hopper

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The Great Corndog Caper

Every morning for about the past 3 years I have been awakened each morning by the words

"Mom I'm hung a reeeee"

A couple mornings ago things changed. I awoke to

"Mom I am not going to bother you. I will make my breakfast myself"

So I let him.

About 10 minutes later I hear the smoke detectors going off! As I ran into the living room - I am confronted by smoke pouring out of the kitchen - my new kitchen!!!!

I hear Levi yell


Sure enough - I round the corner into the kitchen and walk into the STINKIEST smoke ever and see more of it billowing out of the microwave. As I run to hit the stop button - out of the corner of my eye - I see Maverick in a corner with his fingers in his ears - looking terrified!

So I stopped the microwave - fire went out - and start waving the dishtowels under the smoke alarm...all the while choking to death on the NASTIEST smelling smoke ever!! By this time Mav is in tears - yelling that he is sorry.

I open the microwave and can barely identify what is left of a corndog - no stick mind you - it went up in flames!!!

So we have smoke everywhere - the 9 year old having a heart attack from the sound of alarms and excitement - and the 6 year old corndog killer is crying and trying his best to hide in a corner.


I did what any good mom would do...

I ran to find the camera!!