Sunday, September 9, 2007

Awwwwww Relief! (at least for now)

Hi all!
Well the big move is OVER! (do a little dance)
And here we are living among boxes because now I have no desire whatsoever to unpack.
Oh well - it will happen - someday - right?!
I think it could be possible to have TOO MUCH happen in one year - 2007 will always be stuck in my memory - even though it has gone by so fast that I feel like I missed it!

To all my friend out there who have been looking for me or waiting to hear from me - if you could see me at this moment you would laugh! I am sitting in a room FILLED with boxes - I am in the back corner with my laptop and my coffee. I am plugged in through DIAL UP - holy cow and no one could find me here if they tried!

If you need to get in touch - the best way is my cell phone (not that I have great service out here in :no where land" - or through email - I check it every so often.

Anyway - just a note to all those out there who wondered what happened to me and the crew - we are alive and kickin' - just surrounded by cardboard!