Monday, August 25, 2008

Obviously I have lost my mind

Our rescue had to take in 25 bunnies yesterday that came from a seizure in Tennessee. I don't know all of the circumstances - but I had to drive to Texarkana and pick the whole bunny crew up. It was a very tiring raod trip - though I did get to go alone! Yay!

Anyway - now I have 11 more than I had before - a grand total of 21 bunnies!!!! All but three are living in the Bunny House for now and I am working on getting more cages and hay and food etc!

For now - here are the photos I have to share...

Sunday, August 17, 2008

A walk to the pond!

We started our walk by checking out some really funky clouds - even spotted a rainbow!

When the boys saw the pond - immediately - they were IN!

Busy Catching minnows and frogs!

Rockne began to check out the water...

And Boscoe just relaxed in the sun...
 was all over...Rockne was off!

He was freakin' hilarious! He had a blast!