Sunday, November 18, 2007

Working on Levi's new room

Oh I just love to paint! NOT!

But with my friend Susan's help - the first part went by fast!

Cosmic Caverns

On our way to the caverns -
we stopped at Stumpy's for lunch!

Then it was off to check out the caverns!

Monday, November 12, 2007

My Crazy World

Ok so my life has been spinning out of control for some time now. What is a girl to do? What I would have liked to do was crawl into bed and never come out!! But of course - in the MOM world - you just are not allowed to do that!!!
As most know - we moved into a new place - well barely anything has been unpacked and the place has been a disaster. I have been BEYOND overwhelmed - to the point of tears. Not to mention I am off my ADD meds - but thats a whole other story!
I rejuvenated yesterday by going out with the girls and seeing a movie and cruisin through bookstores etc. It was nice retail therapy! I awoke this morning feeling MUCH better and ready to start a new day - aka get on with my life!
I was trying to figur eout a way to tackle this crazy house without killing myself or anyone else around me. Remember in school when you were taught about Word Webs or Story Webs? Well that came to mind and gave me a great idea! Why can't that brainstorming method work for housecleaning/unpacking as well!!??
So I printed off a Word Web - not that I couldnt have just written one on paper - but this is so much more organized looking! LOL
I started with my printout - which I grabbed from here:

I filled in the TOPIC area with "Living Room" - I figured it would be the first room to tackle. Then in each circle I wrote 3 things that needed to be done in that room. My list was something like this:
Take books to shelf, cups to kitchen, pillows back on couch,
Clean bunny cage, Move other bunny cage, put away bunny supplies,
Open windows, put away DVDs, put away dress-up clothes,
Vacuum carpet, sweep tile.

I was set and ready to go! With it written out this way it seems to kick me into gear AND keep me focused on ONE room!
Well all went well this morning with the new PLAN and I was done in less than an hour!!!!
YAY ME!!!!!