Monday, February 19, 2007

Moms Retreatment

I cannot express it enough - EVERY mom should have a retreatment - at least once a year! What a great way to recharge, wind-down and become stress free! If you do not think you deserve it - then think again. Mom's are the most overworked individuals on the planet - they are also the most underpaid! Even with being overworked and underpaid - most of us wouldn't trade it for anything!!!! Heck I know I wouldn't! DO need to stop and rest at some point! You DO need to find some quiet and get to know yourself again. You DO owe it to yourself and your family to take care of yourself - even if its for an hour a week! How can you take care of all of them if you feel frazzled all the time!??!

Anyway, I just returned from my sabbatical. My best friend turned 40 - so we had to celebrate - right?! OH AND WE DID! Me and a bunch of girls went away to a B&B for a week. YES - the husbands took charge in all of our homes for the whole time we were gone!! And as far as I know - all kids are accounted for!
I can't even begin to explain the fun we had. I haven't laughed like that in ages. It brought back childhoos memories of slumber parties - ok minus the Jello shots! There are SOME things I cannot add to the blog - I mean - this IS a family show right???!! Here was our morning view...

And the great decorating fiasco...

Too bad the photos aren't better - we really did a much better job than it looks! Well - we had FUN and that is what counts! Plus Kris was surprised when she showed up that night! AND even though the goats ate our happy birthday sign - we still managed to give the place some OVER THE HILL atmosphere! Below is the birthday chick in all her glory! Did I mention that we laughed til our sides hurt??
Oh and there is me too - on the floor while playing games and doing Jello shots - lovely photo isn't it?

OH and there was lots of FIRE! And many drinks by the fire! Which led to people doing silly things! and playing silly games!

Believe it or not we had some sober fun as well! We read books, took naps, shopped and got new tattoos! On one of the nice weather days we hiked down ther river! There is a photo of th enew damn that was built since the last time we were there! It was a beautiful day -and we found fossils and quartz pebbles - and a headless snake! I didn't realize how relaxing it was to just wonder through the water! It was great!!

I will leave you with one final picture. It seemed to be the running joke for the week - our 7 Dwarves Door (look where the doorknob is!) and a few of us peaking out! Hi Ho Hi Ho!

Ohhh it was fun fun fun - please take the time to have some Mom fun!