Thursday, June 7, 2007

Catching Up

Some fossil Hunt photos!
OK so there was more SWIMMING going on than there was fossil hunting!

Saturday, June 2, 2007

The Adventures of AmySue and Nancy

All we wanted was a couple hours of hanging out at the book store. What we got was...well...another odd night out.

Let's go to Hastings - they don't close til 11 and we can have some coffee at the new Cafe there too!

Ok lets go.
So we we're off. A nice quiet drive down the road to the new bookstore. Walking in of course we are excited - BOOKS! So we wander around happily.

I didn't find the book I came in for - but of course I found others. Nancy was off exploring the music area and I ended up in the "regional" section. Thats where I put down all the books I had been carrying and picked up a great looking hardback all about the county we will be residing in for awhile.

Hey lets see what yummy drinks they have in the Coffee Shop! 20 Minutes later Nancy had a concoction that she didn't like AT ALL and I was busy comparing tattoos with the elderly lesbian women at the closest table! Got my drink then

Got major ATTITUDE from the chick at the counter when I asked to get something else for Nancy to drink! Did I say MAJOR attitude? Seems everyone we talked to in the store knew she was in a bad mood - so tell us WHY she still worked there???

Anyway - the lesbians wanted to know where I got my tattoos and discuss them some more - so we stopped at their table for a couple minutes to discuss our addiction.

We say goodbye and walk off toward the check out counter when Nancy turns to me and says "Who the hell does SHE think SHE is - hitting on MY bitch!!!!!!"
I about peed in my pants.

Lets go check out - OH we can get teacher discount cards - what a great idea! No one knew what the procedure was for the discount cards - they wanted my drivers license and SS number!!!!!!!!! The homeschooler ended up with a Hastings Teacher Card and the Certified Public School Teacher got...........DENIED!!!!! LOL

How in the HECK do you get turned down for a teacher card!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Poor Nancy! Not only was she denied - it took the chick a good 1/2 hour to get all th einfo in the computer so she could turn Nancy down...sheesh!

Stores closed - heading home.

OH! THERE IS SOMETHING WITH BIG EARS SITTING ON THE CURB!!!!RRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrr - imagine the car flying into the next street and turning around...then RRrrrrrrrrrrr - turning around again to see if we can find the strange creature hanging out on the side of the road.

Looking looking looking looking..........

THERE IT IS! Sitting on the curb - on the side of the road - was the cutest RED FOX with HUGE ears!!!! We pulled over - of course to catch him RIGHT! and he took off back to his world in the forest. He looked just like TOD from The Fox and The Hound.

Watching out for cute little animals the whole way home - laugh some more - then go to bed!