Wednesday, January 23, 2008

A Challenge....

OK we haven't seen a roadrunner since the last posting and of course the kids have moved on - we will have to revisit the roadrunner theme at a later date.

I have always wondered if there was SOMETHING that I could do with all these darn plastic grocery bags that keep collecting around here. Since we don't have recycling out in the boonies - I thought for sure I could think of something creative right???

Well Maverick uses them for kites and parachutes - and I have to say - they work pretty well - especially on a windy day! I cannot tellyou how many times he was entertained at soccer or track practice by a simple plastic grocery bag!

Anyway - I found this link this morning - and I am sooo going to have to try this: gooseflesh: Plastic bag Yarn now how cool is that??? Anyone wanna try it?!
OK THEN I went a hunting and found this: Triumph International Japanese Bra that Lives Double Life as Bag - bLavish ok WHO wants to try this one out??? LOL
Ok I could be online all day finding stuff for this challenge - but somebody has to take care of these kids of mine!!
Anyway - my challenge to anyone who is out there reading - What creative things can you think of to do with those darn plastic grocery bags???????

Sunday, January 20, 2008

Beep Beep

Since we have moved here - we have seen roadrunners constantly! Well the boys and I always seem to think its the same one - but there has to be more than one right?!
This morning Levi was out bright and early and spotted our feathered friend clos eup to the house! He came in to tell me and of course asked the typical great questions like:
What do roadrunners eat?
How can we keep them around?
Do they mate for life?
What do their eggs look like?

So here we are in front of the puter together reading about roadrunners!
WOW! Great birds! I never knew! And we are definitely going to find a way to keep them around!

1. They eat rodents and bugs
2. They eat snakes and scorpions
3. They mate for life
4. They coo and clack
5. They lay yellowish eggs - many apparently!
6. They build really big nests - low or on the ground - we will have to be on the lookout!
7. Did I mention they eat snakes and scorpions!!!!???

Sooo - we are on a mission to make our place ROADRUNNER friendly! We will let you know what happens!

Happy Sunday everyone!

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Tuesday, January 8, 2008

I must be a complete IDIOT!

Or I am just getting old! I have wasted 1/2 the day trying to set up my new iPOD that I got for Xmas! Whats worse is - thats just the time I have spent TODAY! Notice I said that I recieved it for Xmas - well it is now January 8th!!!
I never knew I was so technically challenged!!! I thought I was ahead of the game - but I have realized after this whole iPOD mess that I am sadly just messin' with things beyond my capabilities! So I officially feel old and that's just CRAP!
Well on a happy note - i DID figure out how to add a YouTube video to my blog - that's got to count for something right????!!!!!

Thursday, January 3, 2008

I adopted a bunny!

2008 Goal List

I thought that instead of the usual resolutions for the new year - which never get done - that I would start a GOAL LIST.
1. Have a better year than last year!
2. Blog more often
3. Find some normalcy
4. Write those letters I need to write
5. Plan out Grammas Garden
6. Paint Maverick's room
7. Paint MY room
8. Get all photos OFF my puter and in to Kodak for prints
9. Take a sabbatical
10. Construct our Nature Hut
11. Get our homeschool/computer room in working order
12. Save up money for a baby
13. Do the paperwork for adopting a baby
14. Slow down
15. Drink more coffee! :O)

ok I figure thats enough for now! If I think of anything else I will add it later. What are YOUR goals for 2008?